Wrapping April:sunny days in Bratislava (not anymore)!

Hello stranger (or not-so-stranger). It’s Thursday, the weather is really cold today and I would love to have some hot chocolate and cake (could you bring me some? ) . Since the weather is rainy it makes me feel nostalgic about the past. So what I’m gonna do today is to wrap the previous month listening to the Taxpayers (it’s such a great band).

My everyday life…

In March I thought that April will be a quite empty month, but I was completely wrong, and I’m happy to say that. But it’s not only the many things I did this month. The most important for me is that I started getting adjusted in that new environment and make friends. The fact that I’ve almost stopped using Google maps of the city centre is a big improvement for me. After work I usually spend my time with other volunteers in the city. There is a second hand vintage shop which I love or an ice cream place, actually 2 one in the city centre, one next to our flat.Every month there is an improvised theatre performance in Khalab which I never miss because it’s hilarious. I wish one day I could also participate in something like that. Oh, and once we organised a dinner with other EVS volunteers, the police came at 10:23 pm and honestly, it wasn’t fair because we were really silent. So if you want to throw a dinner, a party or whatever in Slovakia make sure that everyone will leave your place before 10 pm. Anyway it’s time to wrap April I guess, what do you think?

1st of April : April Fool’s day at Integra

Integra is a center which helps people with disabilities in their daily life located in the suburbs of Bratislava and we organized activities for those people. I already had a post about this unique experience and you can check it here!

6th and 7th of April: volunteering with ground squirrels

In the Muran National park for 2 days I ran free in nature, helping with a local Eco project. On Saturday morning I woke up really early and I just had a walk alone in the village when locals were still in their beds. This is one of the moments I’ll never forget, but also the moment when a tiny squirrel ate a biscuit from my hands and then run away. Or when the donkey I had to walk with for 3 hours was afraid of water and some other members of the team had to make her jump.  Or when we were walking (with the donkeys) in the train rails and people were taking photos of us(the donkeys are more photogenic than me) . It was an intensive weekend that I’ll never forget for sure!My story is also included here .

16th of April : Bratislava Transportation museum

Integra needed some volunteers to help the clients visit the museum and it was actually a really nice chance to leave the office, serve and learn something new. People who know me well they know how much I love vintage cars (not only cars, but also clothes, gramophones etc.) so this was a paradise for me. My client was super excited and I was even more because of him. The staff was super friendly and we discussed a lot about how’s to work with people with disabilities.

19th-22nd of April: first Easter far away from my family (it wasn’t bad at all though)

So, in Slovakia they are Catholics (and very religious too) so we celebrated Easter one week before Orthodox. To be honest, I didn’t celebrate, I just found it a great opportunity to do some day trips!

On Friday me and Ivan visited Hainburg, a village in Austria, only 20 minutes by bus! The weather was more than great and we did some hiking there and visited the castle which was so beautiful. I’ll let my photos speak.

On Saturday, me, Ivan and Dora we just went to the big lake in Bratislava, had a walk and a beer. People were swimming there and we’re preparing ourselves (Dora said I should stop eating chips if I want to) for doing the same in summer.

On Sunday me, Ivan, my lovely mentor Jarka and her parents went to the Lednice palace in the Czech Republic. The gardens are massive and you could spend a whole day there (I’m not kidding). On Monday some Greek Dora’s friends came so we were somehow their tour guides which was nice.

30th of April-5th of May : 5 amazing days trip in Budapest!

Well, you have to wait about it because it will be my next blog! So keep your eyes open because it will come soon, I promise.

See you soon!

This time was so hard for me to wrap a month, which was full of new things, emotions, friends, (birthday)parties, cakes (not only birthday ones of course). And I feel like starting finding myself, maybe not, time will show.

Until next time , I could be/ Another fool /Or an exception/ To the rule /You tell me /The morning after ,

Your Waterloo


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