Wrapping May: Budapest, democamp, Slatinka…or another one EVS blog post!

Hello stranger (or not so stranger)! Before I start summarising what I did this month I’ll comment the May’s weather with one Slovak joke that my Slovak teacher told: and the Oscar goes to… May for the best acting as October! This month’s weather was terrible since I’m not used to wearing my coat during May! Beside the weather May was another month that made me feel grateful for my EVS decision. And it started like this…

My trip to Budapest!

3 years ago, in an exchange program in Germany I had the chance to meet Blanka from Hungary.Honestly, I’d never expected to see her again. But as it seems life had other plans for us… So, Blanka and her lovely family hosted me in their home in Budapest for 3 nights and after my roommates came and we spend 2 nights in a party hostel.

Blanka was a great local tour guide, but also a busy student since she had to study for her exams. We really had a great time together and also with her family, from the other side, I had a lot of time to explore the city by myself. At the beginning sounded scary but it turned out to be a great opportunity to spend time in places that I really wanted to as the Terror’s House museum where I spent 2,5 hours (totally worth it). I also had the Jewish neighbourhood free walking tour where we ended up in Zsimpla ruin bar where I met a former EVS volunteer from Armenia and we started talking.

The best surprise though was when I received a message from Ageliki . Ageliki and me were classmates 10 years ago when I used to live in Cyprus and since she’s having her Erasmus in Budapest we decided to meet and we had an amazing time talking about everything and laughing a lot. Time flies extremely fast…

Extremely fast flew also the weekend with my roommates in the hostel. I had stayed a couple of times in hostels but never to a party one and the whole experience was great. Not only because they organise basically everything but also because it’s a great chance to meet new people from all over the world. And I met… many. Our French, German, Greek, Estonian crew has though been by far the best! Can’t wait to see you again guys!


Do you remember that I’ll be led in 2 international voluntary camps in Slovakia? Did I refer that I have to pass some tests and some trainings in order to have the certificate for that? Well the second training was a stimulation of that type of camp and it took place in beautiful Banska Stiavnica (my favourite city so far in Slovakia). Feast of Cultures is an event where all the volunteers present their countries and cook their traditional food and it is organised in every INEX Slovakia workcamp. That means that me and Ivan had to cook a Greek/French vegan/gluten free meal for 25 people.A big challenge, isn’t it?

I made tzatziki (not vegan) and halva simigdalenio (halva of semolina and also with gluten free semolina ) and Ivan ratatouille and our meal turned out to be really really good and eaten by everyone! We had some sessions about conflict management , theory of games , intercultural learning, etc but also some free time where we had for example barbecue next to a castle . The last part was the oral test where me and my team scored 60/60!

Eco Slatinka workcamp!

Right after the democamp I took the bus to Zvolen because I wanted to visit one of the work camps that I’ll be leading. When I arrived, Martin from Slatinka organisation and 2 EVS volunteers came to pick me up from the station and in the evening we went to Slatinka, a village with only 13 inhabitants. The workcamp will take place in the old school of the village which is a building with lots of character. We spent the night talking about everything and in the morning they guided me in the area so I have an idea about possible free time activities that could be organised for the volunteers.

I feel more than glad that I had such a great time with people that I’m going to cooperate with during summer! Actually, I spent the previous weekend with them hiking in the Muran national park and now I’m tired but… ops! This is something that I’ll write about in my next post!

See you soon!

Until next time ,  a dreamer’s still a dreamer til you wake them up ,

Your Waterloo


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