I spent 4 amazing days in Poprad: my midterm training!

This blog post is dedicated to all the volunteers and trainers that took part in this training. The photos I used are Lea’s (follow her on Instagram because she’s amazing @archipalie), Martin’s ,Tsar’s and mine. Enjoy it!

Hey stranger (or not-so-stranger)! How’s summer in your country? Here in Slovakia once is really warm (and when a Greek says that, it means that it truly is) once it’s raining. It’s a big deal for me to deal with the Slovak weather!

It’s been almost 4 months since I moved to Bratislava in order to participate in the European Voluntary Service program and the time for my midterm training finally came! But what’s the midterm training? For EVS or ESC volunteers (it’s the same program, just the name has changed) the National Agency of each country has to organise 2 trainings: the on arrival where you get more information about the program and the midterm where you mostly evaluate your program, but also you learn how to feel the certificate (Youthpass) that you’ll take in the end and how to use it in your CV.

Day 1st: Reunion

When the location of this training was announced I was so happy and satisfied. Poprad is a city in northern Slovakia, close to the High Tatras mountains in the borders with Poland. I was in the High Tatras in Poland on November for an Erasmus+ training course, so I knew it’s such a wonderful place. So on Thursday the 13th we took the train, where we had and after 4,5 hours of non stop laughing, we arrived. Our hotel, called Tatra hotel drives you back to the communist period, so the decoration wasn’t really nice, but it was super clean and the food was also good.

For me it was so nice to see those people again: volunteers and trainers. Except Lea and the volunteers who live in Bratislava, the last time that I saw the others was in March during our on arrival training. Our trainer Ivka has now a very beautiful belly because she’s pregnant and this was the happiest new I think.

Beside talking about our EVS life we found out that there is an Italian festival in the city where we spend all our nights during the training, eating cannolis and dancing (you’ll see what I mean in the second day).

Day 2nd: Workshops/dancing

The second day we worked a lot, but the workshops were useful. It was really nice that we had also an outdoor activity. On the way to the place we had to go, we were split in pairs and we had to discuss about things like politics, stereotypes etched in our countries. And I was with Julia, a Russian girl so our conversation was really interesting.

The group activity that we did was related to the Youthpass and it was divided into many tasks we had to do. One of them was to create a symbol of EVS and my idea was captured beautifully by Lea.

So , in my opinion volunteering is something that comes from your heart. The tree symbolises each pureness while the sky the fact that you have unlimited opportunities as well as dreams .

In the afternoon I presented my time management workshop that it’s considered as a study part in the Workcamps I’ll be leading during the summer. I made some changes and for the first time I felt like it worked and let’s talk about the night!

Well, an Italian band called »Woodnite» had a concert. They were playing mostly swing versions of rock songs so it was a perfect chance to dance… like a lot. We were the only ones who were dancing so much that people were taking videos of us. At least we were entertaining them :/.Last but not least we took a photo with them :P.

Day 3rd: Trip to the High Tatras mountains yeah!

We woke up kinda early, took the train (the trip to the mountains was so beautiful) we arrived to the Strbske lake and from there we hiked to the Popradske lake. And it was the time when I realised why High Tatras are considered as a must in Slovakia. We had an amazing day trip, having fun and enjoying the nature.

Day 4th : Goodbye !

I hate saying goodbyes and unfortunately, time flew really fast, so I had to. After the workshops, we were all kinda sad during lunch (maybe it was also because the pirohy were not the best!).

The next day me, Ivan and Morgane tried to hike in Slovak paradise, but the weather was terrible, it was raining a lot, so I went back to Bratislava one day before :(. It’s a place that I’ll visit again for sure, though.

Thanks for everything!

Thanks to all of you that you brightened those 4 days. See you soon , I hope!

Until next, welcome to the new age ,

Your Waterloo

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