Wrapping June:hello summer!

Hello stranger or not-so-stranger! Honestly, I don’t know how to begin this post, probably because my emotions are kinda mixed right now. From one hand, I spent another great month here in Slovakia from the other hand the last week I had to say some goodbyes to some EVS volunteers whose project finished and during July I have to say even more. That somehow scares me.

How’s my work at INEX office? Well ,I think pretty good. I’ve started making preparations for the workcamps I’ll lead during July and August ,I’ve started answering to some volunteers’s questions and emails. I have so many things in my mind and the fact that between 20th of July and 24th of August I’ll be only 3 days in Bratislava it makes me even more stressed but excited at the same time. I think it’s better to say more about June though.

Hiking in Muranska Planina

June started with me hiking in the middle of nowhere in central Slovakia with Pedro and Martin from Slatinka organisation and also a teacher and some kids from a primary school. I think the kids were faster than me and I hope the fact that I had a really tiring week before going hiking doesn’t sound as an excuse. I think it was great to explore one more time Slovak nature. We stayed in a beautiful wooden, little, fairy tale house (Koliba) in the middle of the forest and of course I won’t forget to mention that we got lost 2 times at the worse parts of the trail! I hope you like the photos 🙂

On the 7th of June we had the Nase mesto in Bratislava, where workers from different companies are becoming volunteers for one or two days. INEX organised some voluntary activities in different places and Integra was one of them. Integra is a center for people with mental and physical disabilities and I helped them with some activities for the clients. Also, on the 12th of June we joined them to a trip in Pezinok, a small city close to Bratislava where we visited a wine museum and ate ice cream.

The weekend in between though me and Mark visited Stanica organisation in Zilina for an EVS storytelling event. We were so many volunteers there, we played so many games, sang songs and enjoyed the unique, unforgettable Zilina’s nightlife. When we came back to Bratislava we visited Olivia, a Slovak girl that I met through Lubka an INEX volunteer. Her father prepared some barbecue for us so finally I ate homemade food. No matter if I cook for myself, it’s completely different from the food that I got used to eat at home and I had a wonderful evening at her home. Thanks for everything!

Midterm training

After that I had my amazing midterm training that you can find it here !

The rest of June …

I spent 4 great evenings with my co-leader of Slatinka workcamp, we wanted to discuss about some details about the camp, but deep inside I think we just wanted to go out. One of those evenings we went to a barbecue with her friends and we ended up taking Bachata courses at 11 pm in the middle of the forest (again) because why not. The last day of June me and some EVS volunteers went into the Cunovo lake, perfect choice to cool ourselves during this hot day!

Goodbye !

As I said before the next 2 months will be really busy for me so honestly I don’t think I’ll have time to write here. So…

Until next time, There’s four new colors in the rainbow
An old man’s taking Polaroids
But all he catches
Is endless rain ,

Your Waterloo


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