August : creating memories!

Hey stranger or not so stranger! How do you feel that autumn is here? For me weather changed so fast: on Saturday I was swimming at Greek beaches, on Monday I came back to Slovakia and I’ve started wearing jeans, jacket and even light scarf! Only 3,5 months have left since my project ends and I’ve started setting new goals, organising my thoughts and preparing myself to go back home. And I think it’s funny because Merike, my roommate is an a completely opposite phase. I’ve started talking about Christmas and Halloween and I think she wants to kill me! Hopefully she won’t!

August was such an intensive month: on the 4th I came back from Slatinka workcamp, on the 8th I went to Uchrovech castle workcamp to present my workshop and then from the 10th to the 24th I was in Presov, in Barlicka camp! Oh! And after 2 days I went to Greece for one week. It seems tiring, well it was, but during this month (as well as the previous one) I’ve learned so many things, I’ve created so many memories that I’ll take with me forever. As you’ll see this post will be shorter (I hope) than the others and that’s because I really want to keep some memories and some thoughts for me and for just a few people that I want to share them with . So , let’s have a look at August!

Biggest part of August: Barlicka camp!

8th-10th : Uchrovech castle !

I was really afraid before about my trip to Uchrovech castle. And that’s because I was travelling alone and I had to take one train and 2 buses to get in a small village, guess where: in the middle of nowhere! With my very broken Slovak I managed to arrive on time, but there was another problem: there was a big storm the previous night so, many trees fell and the local partner had to move them from the trail, otherwise the car couldn’t pass. I was patiently waiting for him sitting on a bench and after one hour some locals came, they called the people in the castle and when they told them who I am and why I’d been waiting there, they gave me food and coffee. The word thankful can barely describe my feelings about those people.

In Uchrovech castle I had some of the best sunsets and evenings of my life. The view was stunning, the sky full of stars and all the amazing people there. It was such a diverse group of workers, archeologists, volunteers and tourists, but all together they were getting along together creating a cultural mosaic. Thanks for making me feel part of it.

10th-24th : a big heart to Barlicka camp

You don’t need to know me well to understand that I’m an over sensitive person. Well, I think I have never been so emotional for such a long period in my life. If you take a look at the evaluation forms of the volunteers, you’ll realise that it was a successful camp. People we were there, we know that it was way more than that.

The aim of the camp was to help with activities and games organised in a centre for people with disabilities. For me it was a challenge because first of all I had to lead this camp, but I was also wondering how it’s possible to communicate with those people when we don’t speak the same language. After two weeks I can confirm that language is not a big barrier to make people truly happy. I can also confirm that people in a wheelchair can also dance and all of them, they’re more able than me or you think they are. Clients from Barlicka taught me many things. They are one of the important reasons why I want to stay as a volunteer for my whole life.

I will not say much about the volunteers and my co-leaders because they already know my opinion about them. They know that they were the best part of the camp. They know that it’s hard on an exchange program to feel connected with every participant. They also know that this camp was an exception. I’m leaving a big part of myself in Presov knowing that I’m part of a big international family.

24th-2nd of September: going back to Greece

It was such a nice, calm week full of people that I love, food and nice discussions. When I went back to Bratislava, I looked myself in the mirror and what I saw was that I look like a little whale. I hope that at least I am a cute one.

Thank you summer!

In this last part I would like to thank all those people that accompanied my summer. You know, summer is my favourite season of the year and I’m really trying to make every summer special. So, thanks for making it special.

Until next time , happiness, hit her like a train on a track ,

Your Waterloo


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