Wrapping October: better days are coming!

Hello stranger or not so stranger! The trees’ leaves’are lying on the pavements, everybody’s preparing for Halloween, Jarka, my supervisor just came and asked something about youth pass (the certificate I’m taking in the end of the EVS), the end of the month and the end of my project are slowly coming. Today it’s the birthday of my father and I wish I was with my family, all together, it doesn’t matter where, eating cake and celebrating together. So yep, happy birthday dad!

To be honest October, and I mean this period in general is the hardest for me so far. The main reasons are two: some small health problems and the fact that the end is quite soon and that scares me.

Recently I had to deal with the Slovak health system, which might be good for Slovaks but it’s a huge problem for foreigners when most of the doctors simply don’t speak English. I was told about that from my friends and I couldn’t believe it’s true. For the first time of my life I was sick far away from home suffering from pain, but at the same time I was lucky that I had people from INEX, my cousin and people from Greece to support me. No matter if I’m finally healthy now, I’m still moody and afraid of being ill again. From the other hand, I noticed that this procedure is part of adulting so I guess that now I’m more mature to deal with those things.

I think that the best part of this month was when my cousin visited me for a weekend. I really enjoy hosting people, tour guiding them in the place where I live and chat. Especially with Elena(yes we have the same name!) we had a lot of things to talk about remembering embarrassing stories from our childhood. So on Friday night we went to a pub/restaurant nearby my apartment where they had a dancing event for older people (oh God it was really funny), on Saturday we went to the Devin’s castle, then to Flagship to taste traditional Slovak food and then in a pub with my friends and on Sunday in Brno.I hadn’t been to Brno before, so it was also a great opportunity for me to see something new and I have to say that is a great city. Well done Czech Republic! In the evening we hosted a Portuguese friend with his friend so we went out in my favourite pub, Kollarko (unfortunately not sponsored).

In this month I did a small review about my EVS project, if I have accomplished my personal goals and what has changed inside me. And I’ve realised that I have experienced so amazing, crazy, life changing things that I’ll take with me forever and experiences are THE reason to feel grateful for the opportunities you’ve been given in your life like this. This hard period is also part of the journey and no matter if I’m struggling right now, I’m trying to enjoy it I knowing that better days are coming.

Until next time, la Vita è Bella

Your Waterloo


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