Wrapping November: Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Christmas markets and visitors!

Hey stranger or not so stranger! Hope you’re doing well. In my previous post you might see that I was a bit depressed, a bit anxious, but as I said: better days are coming and they did.

Less than 3 weeks left for going back home and I have mixed feelings: from one side, I do miss my family, my friends and other things from the other side, I love this multinational group of people I’ve met here, also the lifestyle and I came to believe that I’d love and I could work and live abroad. About November, it’s been so nice and I can’t wait to share some stories with you!

About S-love-nia

So me and Merike decided to go to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, we’d book a hostel and we pretty much decided that we wouldn’t need to move from this city. Ljubljana is a fairy tale city, lovely buildings, lovely architecture and no matter if it was super cold everybody was outside. We spend the Halloween night in Metelkova, a really nice street with alternative bars and we also went to an 80’s party.


The next day we had a nice free walking tour, we ate a lot (my dumplings restaurant totally recommended) and we met some people in the hostel, one of them local and we planned a trip for the next day all together to a man who is constructing a medieval centre. In his land belong two churches from the 12th century and some castle ruins on the top of a hill surrounded by nature and this place I’m sure will attract many tourists in the future because it’s so beautiful but also because this man is a great host. And it was one of these moments that I felt super grateful for being surrounded by so many amazing and super friendly people that I met a few hours ago, for the food, the smell of burning wood, the funny moments (trust me they were a lot) and this nice atmosphere. It was hard to say goodbye, but who knows, maybe we’ll see each other again and I’d love to explore this country more.

Exploring Slovakia and Vienna with a special guest!

I arrived at home at 2 am because we spent hours to the Croatian borders and at 10 am, I had to go to the airport to pick Konstantinos, a friend from school that we know each other for 8 years but we never had the chance to travel together no matter if we have both travelled a lot! Our plan was to do a road trip in Slovakia for 3 days, then stay two nights in Bratislava and then 2 nights in Vienna.

We rent a car and since I don’t have a driving licence, he was the driver and I’m glad that we didn’t get lost and yeah we really enjoyed the trip. We’ve visited Banska Stiavnica, Orava castle, Dolny Kubin, Rusomberok and the High Tatras. Kostas is one of those positive, optimistic people that makes your bad mood better and I’m glad that he liked the places that we’ve visited! I was a bit disappointed from Orava castle though. The tour was in Slovak and there’s no option to visit the castle without a tour guide.

Vienna is a wonderful city and we Airbnb host, a Greek football player, recommended us great places to visit and eat. The museum of Natural History is worth visiting , especially the first floor where I learned more about meteorites, planets and dinosaurs. The second night we went with our host and his friends to a karaoke bar. Overall, we had a great time, everywhere and it was nice to see my friend after a long time. Also Dora, a former EVS volunteer from Greece visited Bratislava during this month and it felt like she never left.

Christmas Markets and more!

Bratislava and especially Vienna have really nice Christmas Markets and I couldn’t resist from buying presents and try the local street food. If I had to choose between Vienna’s and Bratislava’s Christmas market, I think you know that the answer is Vienna because since is bigger, there are more shops and more things to do.

Regarding INEX, yesterday I presented my workshop in a school, in 2 classes of 13 years old students and I think it was the funniest presentation ever. Those cute, little, noisy devils are so cooperative and they made me feel welcomed and laugh a lot! About my other tasks, I had to prepare my outcome and summarise what I’ve done during my EVS and I’ surprised by how many things I’ve done and I’ve learned in such a short period.

Since I’m leaving soon, I’m trying to make the best of it and I’ve planed to travel, meet my friends and complete goals from the to do list that I have in my mind. As I said before, for me the hardest thing is to say goodbye to people that became part of my life and maybe I won’t see them again mais c’est la vie mon amie.

Until next time,

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