EVS: one month since I left Slovakia

Happy new year stranger or not-so-stranger! I hope you’re doing great. It’s been exactly one month since I left Slovakia and went back to Greece, I mean my EVS (European Voluntary Service) project finished there so it makes sense right? During those 9,5 months that I was there, writing a blog about my life in Slovakia was one of my tasks, and now I’m home, at the living room, surrounded by my family who are watching a movie and it kinda feels weird, nostalgic and nice at the same time.Lately I realized that I still haven’t written anything about my last days in Slovakia and this evening I finally found some time to do that, but first of all I’ll tell you more about how’s going back home after so long.

Last EVS party with INEX Slovakia!

Back home…

So, going back home was and it’s hard and that’s mainly because of 3 important factors: adaptation, my university exams (btw today I had my first test) and some personal, unexpected problems. Oh! And because I got really sick the second day I came back. I mean, come on! Why? Maybe because my immune system sucks a bit. I really make an effort to stay positive this period, I don’t rush and I give time to myself to adjust and I do appreciate all the people who are supporting me.

Beside my moody mood, I had some great moments, when I was landed in Greece for example, my friend Konstadinos who’s doing his internship in the airport, fact that I had completely forgotten, welcomed me at the airport, and since my dad was late, he was the first person I met when I came back. I also love the sunny, warm weather and if Merike was there I’m sure that she would complain that » this is not winter», and unfortunately she’s right. I also enjoyed spending time with my friends and my family no matter if I haven’t managed to meet them all.

New year’s Eve with my family

Last days in Slovakia…

…were really intense and full of mixed emotions. In the end of November we had a great team building weekend with INEX Slovakia in Banska Stiavnica, the most beautiful medieval city in Slovakia. I really loved the activities and the fact that I had the opportunity to spend some fun moments with people I was cooperating with before I leave. One thing I like about INEX is that they know how to organise activities that you’ll learn something new and at the same time you’ll have fun.

Also, we went to Integra, the center for people with disabilities and me and my ex roommate performed a Christmas play in Slovak and it went surprisingly well. After that, Merike and I went to Nis, in Serbia for 4 days because we found cheap tickets. To be honest, I didn’t like Nis so much, maybe it’s better in summer. But it has that Balkan style that makes this city interesting and I felt like home. Serbian food is similar to Greek, but cheaper, people have the same altitude and I had the opportunity to visit a concentration camp for the first time in my life, and that’s something I won’t forget.

Going back to Bratislava, I started doing things for the last time of my project: last evaluation (I couldn’t believe that I did so many things in such a short period, really), last day to work, (hopefully not) last Youthpass, last dinner, last party, last wines to buy, last things to pack, etc. I wasn’t sad that I was going back home, actually I was well prepared for that, but you know it’s sad when you leave a country that you spent 10 amazing months knowing that no matter if you come back things are never going to be the same.

The end?

Since my EVS finished, I don’t have to continiue writing my blog, I will if I have something interesting to share with you, so maybe that’s my last post here, maybe not.

Some last words: thanks a lot for following me to this adventure, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me and helped me express myself. Going for volunteering abroad was a lifechanging experience and it’s not only about the new places I’ve discovered or the skills I’ve developed or the crazy things I did. It’s mostly about the people I’ve met, no matter if we spent a couple of minutes together or a couple of days or months. If I would change something? Anything except my immune system…yep please bring me a new one as a birthday gift, I totally deserve it!

Hmm so now I guess I’m going to say » thank you» to all those great people I mentioned, to INEX Slovakia NGO because they do a great job and they’ve created an amazing project , to Erasmus+ and you, those few people who are reading my blog. If I continue typing, I’m gonna get emotional and cry (what a surprise right? ) so time to say «see you soon».

Until next time, we share the same blood[..] same fucking blood,

Your Waterloo


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